• Challenges and Opportunities for a Resilient Future

    Water Security and Climate Adaptation

    4th – 7th October 2023 || VENUE: IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • How to Achieve Water Security in a Changing Climate

    Strategies, Solutions and Innovations

About WSCA 2023

Water Security and Climate Adaptation Conference

The Water Security and Climate Adaptation (WSCA) events are planned to highlight the importance of sustainability in water-related topics and emphasize the need for the same to scientists, engineers, policymakers, and industries. The overarching objective of these conferences is to proliferate the exchange of knowledge and practical know-how on the intrinsic relationship between water security and climate change adaptation, best practice implementation and with a view to advance research strategies in this domain that will further take forward our goals for sustainable development in efficient water management.

About IIT Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) was founded in the year 1959. It is situated in the south Indian city Chennai (formerly known as Madras). The Institute is a self-contained, beautiful, green residential campus of about 250 hectares with all the modern amenities and support services. The Conference will be organized by Department of Ocean Engineering which is a center of excellence in the field of Coastal, Ocean, port Engineering, Inland navigation, sedimentation problems and allied departments are involved in a variety of problems related to Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, water resources and Management.
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Committee WSCA 2023

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Water Security and Climate Adaptation Conference 2023

The global water system is in crisis. Despite safe water and sanitation being a human right, 3.6 billion people lack access to these essentials for life, according to the World Meteorological Organisation. This is directly linked to the process of global warming. The relevance of the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: “Ensuring the sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” is outstanding and therefore, the UN 2023 Water Conference marks the halfway point through the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development”.

For this reason, the DAAD Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre (ABCD-Centre) has planned to organize an International Conference on Water Security and Climate Adaptation (WSCA 2023), funded by DAAD. The conference will bring together partners from science, industry, private sector and policy, to focus on sustainable development and implementation of climate adaptation measures. We are planning to have a physical meet, which is an essential factor for fruitful interaction and collaboration.

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